Is Time On Your Side?

That’s a critical question for smart companies looking to build great teams in today’s challenging times. When it comes to hiring great technical people, the best companies move quickly.

When you’re working to identify the best technical talent available, establishing a lean, time-sensitive process is critical to your success. And if your organization requires involvement by numerous departments and managers, streamlining that process is even more important.

Most every company has made big adjustments in every area since 2008. Chances are you’ve probably got more responsibility, more process and fewer resources than you did then. But however the recession or sluggish economy has impacted your company, the dynamics of getting the technical talent you need are unchanged; time costs candidates.

The number one reason great companies lose out on working with the best available talent is allowing too much time in the hiring process. Too much time to schedule the interview, too much time between interviews, too much time to make offers, all mean missing out on the best technical candidates for your team. This is even truer today because demand for technical people is higher and supply is lower.

Some companies, even after interviewing an “A” candidate, believe they may stall the process to see if an imaginary “A+” will surface for the same cost. That’s unlikely and risky. Some companies feel that great candidates will be patient if the hiring process drags on so that everyone on the customer team is available to participate, much less able to reach consensus. That’s expensive. Some companies believe that relatively high general unemployment produces a good supply of talented technical professionals. It doesn’t.

Delay and unreasonable expectations are often barriers to adding the right technical people to your organization.

Your Waterstone understands the importance of time management throughout the process of connecting you to the best technical people around. Make sure that your clock is aligned with today’s candidate marketplace so that your company gets the best results!